Ogeechee River
Savannah, GA

The Ogeechee, which means "our mother" in Indian,  is one of the only rivers not controlled by dams. This makes its water cleaner and its fish sweeter tasting than most rivers. While most rivers flow into other rivers or lakes and lose their name or join other rivers and adopt a new name, the Ogeechee River is the Ogeechee from beginning to end. This makes it one of the longest rivers in Georgia to keep its name throughout its course.

With its beautiful swamps and bottomland hardwood adjoining this river, it provides food, water, and shelter for a number of raccoon, deer, otters, minks, and alligators. Also found on this river is a wide variety of bird including duck, woodpeckers, songbirds, and wading birds. You might also see Owls, Osprey, Mississippi and swallowtail kites cruising this river.